Quote Database!!

24 Oct

Problem: So I have been trying to read quite a bit recently. And when I read I get all these insights and ideas. But I keep reading the book and by the time I am done reading I don’t remember any of it. I have to go through the book again to find them. So I recently started writing down things I like from the books, as I read. But now that I look back there is all these writings and they are all unorganized and I can’t search through it using keywords (big letdown).

Solution: So I am thinking maybe I should create a small database (Postgres duh..) with a very simple front end that you can use to enter the quotes/insights as you read a book. You can enter the quote/insight, specify the book, a category that it falls under and maybe a description. That way I can search through them by category or keywords and also find which book it is from and who the author is. What do you think of the idea?? Also could be expanded on to mobile devices later on.

Let me know any suggestions that you have or if you already know other programs that do the same.

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Posted by on October 24, 2011 in Projects


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