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Quote Database!!

Problem: So I have been trying to read quite a bit recently. And when I read I get all these insights and ideas. But I keep reading the book and by the time I am done reading I don’t remember any of it. I have to go through the book again to find them. So I recently started writing down things I like from the books, as I read. But now that I look back there is all these writings and they are all unorganized and I can’t search through it using keywords (big letdown).

Solution: So I am thinking maybe I should create a small database (Postgres duh..) with a very simple front end that you can use to enter the quotes/insights as you read a book. You can enter the quote/insight, specify the book, a category that it falls under and maybe a description. That way I can search through them by category or keywords and also find which book it is from and who the author is. What do you think of the idea?? Also could be expanded on to mobile devices later on.

Let me know any suggestions that you have or if you already know other programs that do the same.

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Hack a Mack – Getting Ready

The best way to go about getting a good hackintosh is to build one yourself than to use an off the shelf computer. If the resources do not allow you to build one yourself, you can always try your luck converting the spare computer you got, into a hackintosh. I wouldn’t recommend making the hackintosh your primary computer until you have a stable working setup. But if you are going to start off fresh I can give you some tips. is your goto place for any help you might need. They have an extensive forum with a large user base that can answer pretty much any problem you might encounter. But it might seem a little overwhelming when you start. Hence you have my blog to get a jump start. Do not hesitate to contact me with any question and I shall try to get back to you ASAP.

So lets get into the details,

You are going to build a computer and you want to make sure you get the parts that you know will be supported by a Hackintosh. The computer I built had the following specs:

I actually do not recommend the Nvidia GTS450 since it does not work well with Snow Leopard and you will need an older graphics card to install Snow Leopard. It works seamlessly with Lion. But since you need to install Snow Leopard first, I do not recommend Nvidia 4 series or above unless you have an older graphics card as backup to get Snow Leopard installed. You do not have to limit yourself to the above specs. You are free to explore other option. I would highly recommend sticking to this motherboard if you are going to spend money and buy one since I know for sure everything on it works and it is just a great motherboard. If you are going to try another motherboard, search through tonymacx86 blog to see if it is supported.
Before you get started there are a few other things you need. A Snow Leopard disk, an external hard drive and a lot of patience. You will just need to hang in there and get through this, but I can promise you at the end of it you will have a beautifully working Hackintosh. Stay on the lookout for the the next post, Getting Started. It will cover the basic steps need to get Snow Leopard installed.
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Hack a Mack!

So I just succeeded in getting the desktop I built to run Mac OS X Lion. With much help from (mucho thanks to the people behind it) I was able to get my custom built $600 desktop to run Lion just like a $2400 Mac Pro. It is a frustrating process and you will need some patience. But I shall post the specs of my desktop and the steps I took to get it to work, to make your life easier. Please make sure to purchase the software needed for this. I do not recommend using pirated software, especially when Apple provides it for a very reasonable price. Stay on the look out for the full details.


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